Σάββατο 12 Δεκεμβρίου 2015

Trouble: Music Suggestion Of The Day 12/12/2015

Again today, we have to "mess" with a suggestion been claimed from different but acknowledged and revered subgenres of Metal. Being receiving he same fate as Pentagram and Exodus (having formed much earlier than their first release) are renowned today as pioneers in either Doom or Stoner Metal, celebrating this year, one of their albums turning 30, amongst other bands already suggested through Kokdi’s blog, of course…

Παρασκευή 11 Δεκεμβρίου 2015

Best Birthday Gift 2015

Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday dear Meeeeeee
Happy birthday to Meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!
Thank U Metallica for being there

@ least you were always there….

Firstly (thanks to MilanicaChannel plz sbsc)


for 30 f....g years (or the history of Metal in one playlist)!!!

and always.. (thanks to MetallicaTV)

so choose any playlist you want and enjoy!!!

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Πέμπτη 10 Δεκεμβρίου 2015

Discharge: Music Suggestion Of The Day 10/12/2015

Having finished with the Greeks, it is time to get back in business as usual…Today I was wondering about what I’ve left behind having mentioned Exploited. The 2nd and more extreme wave of Punk, gave birth to Hardcore Punk still stationed in UK and surprisingly being granted a position to our beloved encyclopaedia (whilst bands like SYOAD or TOOL are ignored as being non-metal?!?!) as something of a crossover thrash band

Τετάρτη 9 Δεκεμβρίου 2015

Τρύπες: Music Suggestion Of The Day 09/12/2015

Today we’re concluding the reference to Greek Speaking rock heroes (P.S. & V.P.) with a band. As we stated in Monday, it is the most influential of the 3, regarding the fact that both of the suggestions made, were exceptionally unique and couldn’t be copied in any way. Those who tried failed disgracefully. This isn’t a problem with today’s suggestion, which started as a post – punk band with strong, provokative greek lyrics (to me it is like hearing early Cure e.g. "jumping someone else's train" or "grinding halt", singing in Greek with Thessaloniki’s accent), gained mainstream attention and commercial success, only to present a very progressive and experimental sound right @ the end, which were both original and unique enough to be counted alongside the other 2. Their influence expanded a great deal and managed to set the standards for what today is considered Greek speaking Rock. The fact that only Thessaloniki seemed to produce something impressing, as far as Rock Music concerns, surely state a lot, about today’s band status quo in the business. If you reach to a point where you are considered a landmark / icon / trendsetter for the future, amongst your peers and decide to split –up to maintain exactly this type of legacy and dynamics, rather than prolonging life only for commercial gain, then you are, in my book (as Kurt Russell says in Death Proof), truly an authentic Rock’ n Roll Great…..

Τρίτη 8 Δεκεμβρίου 2015

Βασίλης Παπακωνσταντίνου: Music Suggestion Of The Day 08/12/2015

Continuing with covering the 3 greatest of Greek Speaking Rock Music, we suggest one of the favorites of Mainstream Greek Rock, that managed to fuse art (poetry and significant music influences that exceeded those of yesterday’ s suggestion that stuck to early US Rhythm & Blues). Maybe because of his political background, maybe because of his powerful voice, maybe because he was in the right place in the right time, being the right man for the job…

Το Σiνεμά Της Γειτονιάς Παρουσιάζει 08/12/2015 Goodbye Lenin! 2003

Goodbye Lenin! 2003
Αυστηρώς Ακατάλληλο για σταλινικούς κνίτες
Παντελώς κατάλληλο για όλους εμάς τους υπόλοιπους,
 τους ξεπουλημένους ρεφόρμες
Λίγα Λόγια Για Το Έργο…
Μετά το mini αφιέρωμα στα θρίλερ που με τον ένα ή τον άλλο τρόπο έγραψαν κινηματογραφική ιστορία, θα επιχειρήσουμε κάτι ανάλογο (δηλαδή σινεφιλική αναφορά) με το Άδωξοι Μπάσταρδη του Θεού Κουέντιν. Πως θα γίνει αυτό? Μα αρχής γενομένης από σήμερα, όπου παρουσιάζουμε την ταινία που έκανε ευρύτερα γνωστό τον Daniel Bruhl, μετέπειτα Stolz Der Nation και την επόμενη εβδομάδα με την διασημότερη ταινία του Καστελάρι (σκηνοθέτη του πρωτότυπου Inglorious Bastards / Quel Maledetto treno blindato 1978) το spaghetti western Keoma, την οποία οι Έλληνες φωστήρες μετέφρασαν ως Τζανγκο ο Εκδικητής (καμία σχέση, τυχαίο? δεν νομίζω!! Για περισσότερα άσχετα με τους Άδωξους πατήστε ΕΔΩ). Στην σημερινή μας ταινία ένας πιτσιρικάς προσπαθεί να προστατέψει την σταλινική μάνα του από την πραγματικότητα της κατάρρευσης του σοβιετικού παραπετάσματος… Η επιτυχία είναι πάντοτε θέμα αντίληψης…
Θα πετύχει??
Η Συνέχεια Επί Της Οθόνης….

Όλα τα Σiνεμά ΕΔΩ

Δευτέρα 7 Δεκεμβρίου 2015

Παύλος Σιδηρόπουλος: Music Suggestion Of The Day 07/12/2015

Since this week I’ve already set my mind on covering the Greek speaking Rockers of my generation, it is already one day too late to strat but it is never too late... Artists that put their brand in the local scene with legendary stories, some of them probably well-known and abroad. This 3 day back to back suggestions brings u Greece’s finest, speaking the native tongue and performing something of a classical US kind of blues rock (for today), something of elementary rock infused with artistic addition (such as lyrics taken from poems, sounds imitating mainstream international music with extensive use of keyboards for tomorrow) and the most original of this lot, a genuine replica of brit new wave post-punk sounds and founding bands (e.g. early Cure for Wednesday) with Greek subversive lyrics and ultimately an independent and exploring rock sound that still endures and referred to as classic and an endless fountain of inspiration (as far as Greek speaking Rock concerns…)

Κυριακή 6 Δεκεμβρίου 2015

Cover 'Em All Vol.1: Music Suggestion Of The Day 06/12/2015

Today I was thinking something of a mega combo, instead of a Great One from the List… Why not everyone (well almost)?? A post tribute to garage, some consider to be the actual first rock genre (considering rock as something only white men played). With the term garage one should perceive as bands gathered around a DIY studio performing their favorite bands and tracks. The story of Rock’ n Roll is filled with cover versions of other people’s songs…Some made covers the ground base of their success story (Elvis, Beatles, Rolling Stones), some used it as tool of promoting significant bands that were unknown but quite remarkable…This post is rather a big connect them all, through the most characteristic of the genre; the freedom to cover your favorite tune, maybe in a garage...maybe as a garage, such as Iguanas...