Παρασκευή 27 Νοεμβρίου 2015

Socrates Drank The Conium: Music Suggestion Of The Day 27/11/2015

Friday used to be my favorite day because obligations used to end and the weekend was to come… But now, seems that Friday is a new start for a weekend of a further more try. On this note I should go on an inwards approach. With today’s band its not like we discover America or something… but I surely know that for whoever haven’t heard about Greek prog of the 70’s (with gr lyrics or not) today’s band will be some kind of rediscovering routes always thought and perceived as well established exclusively on western hemisphere.

Πέμπτη 26 Νοεμβρίου 2015

The Exploited: Music Suggestion Of The Day 26/11/2015

Today’s band didn’t quite make it neither in this blog (till today) or MyTop100List of Rock. And it wasn’t for lack of trying or for some other particular reason either. Maybe the fact that this band is maybe synonymous with the sub-genre it represents, yet it’s latest releases sound more of thrash  than hardcore punk; so I figured, it was better not to include them in the relative list so I wouldn't be so subjective to the bands and artists' picks, for their attributes in Rock's world scene. Pioneers nevertheless in the 2nd wave of punk attack from Uk (and Scotland no less!!) and as it turns out, main influence of the pioneers of thrash metal that were about to form and commercially take over the genre today’s band represented with absolute honesty and the rawest (at that time) of riffs!!

Τετάρτη 25 Νοεμβρίου 2015

Immolation: Music Suggestion Of The Day 25/11/2015

Today I was really torn… wanting to post something brutal and awesome I thought about Benton’s vehicle…But not! There are anti-Christians with a cause (see below) and a heavier (!!) attitude about it, than the brandings and other poser’s tricks to seem darker from what is playing… The fact that my good friend Chris (X-sickness) suggested them, give them the necessary push… It’s fierce and provocative enough!!

Τρίτη 24 Νοεμβρίου 2015

Pentagram: Music Suggestion Of The Day 24/11/2015

Today’s suggestion is iconic. Yet it is not considered as archetypal with e.g. the Sabs, even though they were formed in the same decade give or take one or two years. Why is that? The band remained in the underground scene all of the 701’s and early 80’s and had to wait for bands like Candlemass or St. Vitus to emerge before releasing their first eponymous debut album in 1985. They are considered to be amongst the Doom subgenre Classics and groundbreaking artists even though eventually all Doom experts agree on Candlemass trademariking the term (as Metallica did with their Thrash aesthetics, even though groups like Exodus were way older and far more experienced since they formed back in ’79)

Το Σiνεμά Της Γειτονιάς Παρουσιάζει 24/11/2015 The Crazies 2010

The Crazies 2010
Κατάλληλον άνω ποταμών (πως λέμε Άνω Πατήσια; Έτσι!)
Λίγα Λόγια Για Το Έργο….
Οι λάτρεις του George A. Romero θα έχουν την ευκαιρία να θυμηθούν λίγο, λιγότερο γνωστές δουλειές του δημιουργού των zombies.  Και στην προκειμένη μιλάμε για μια ταινία – φόρο τιμής (το original θυμίζουμε είναι ταινία του 1973) στα ήδη cult αριστουργήματα που από κάποιους ονοματίστηκαν με τον δυσφημιστικό τίτλο «b-movies» (π.χ. θυμήσου το Village of the Damned, ή το απίστευτο Invasion Of The Body Snatchers), χωρίς να προδίδει το concept που τον έκανε αθάνατο (σαν τις «δημιουργίες» του), σε μια ατέρμονη μεταφορά και αναφορά στον σύγχρονο δυτικό τρόπο ζωής, που είναι λογικό κάποια στιγμή να σε τρελάνει, με το σύστημα να σου φέρεται όπως πρέπει…..σαν απειλή

Δευτέρα 23 Νοεμβρίου 2015

A Perfect Circle: Music Suggestion Of The Day 23/11/2015

It’s shifting gears again this week hopefully with a supergroup in mind to help us get started. When thinking progressive and supergroup not many things come to mind. A Steven Wilson (a.k.a. Porcupine Tree) side/solo project perhaps?? It’s not the first time if you consider it… but being a huge Tool fan wasn’t finally able to resist the temptation to move further away from the groundbreaking heavy progressive themes of Tool and rediscover aspects never seen, even though the rest are true offsprings of 90’s alternative sound the final proposition is way interesting… a satisfactory mixture of 50% progressive 50% alternative rock solution…

Κυριακή 22 Νοεμβρίου 2015

The Rolling Stones: Music Suggestion Of The Day 22/11/2015

In the great tradition (??) of Sunday’s posts we suggest and present to you THE definitive rock band (opposed to Beatles being THE definitive band in general, I guess). Only mentioning the idea the biggest battle of the bands comes to mind. Both pioneers of Brit invasion infused the American blues on their notion of rock n roll; and while the beatles kept experimenting with sounds and formats Jagger & Richards kept on working their principal idea of archetypal, intellectual and prog (e.g. songs like fingerprint file or under my thumb) yet filthy and raw, yet mainstream rock (that reached its peak in the infamous Sticky Fingers album, or if u like, the Stones’ White Album) at the same time. Being the band  that released the first over 10 minutes blues rock track (going home) and amongst the precious few that impose their songwriting over just infusing the blues of the black man in a white’s commercial rock sound, even though their loan were more persistent e.g. You gotta move, than the Beatle one). The most successful and enduring brand name in the business with countless trivia information and equally countless groundbreaking contributions to our favorite music. Its rather pointless to introduce them or even begin on quoting major contributions and legacy attributes, to what we today refer to, as Hard Rock, or plain rock n roll, the record companies’ one; the classic and enduring that perceives itself as both original and everlasting.