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Ronnie James Dio: Music Suggestion Of The Day 12/09/2015

Today is Saturday and as some of you may have noticed Kokdi already posted something musical, as a constant reminder of the national Kitsch heritage of Greece that has become a permanent influence on Greek's music appreciation…
That’s why it is chosen to celebrate the end of summer (if you’re a student that is) with one of the greatest vocalists of Heavy Metal. The charismatic dwarf (as OZZY often stated about him) with magical powers of resurrecting the greatest and most significant metal group from its ashes, after having helped Richie Blackmore’s new egoistical point of view to impose on one of the greatest hard rock groups to date (DeepPurple) and then stand alone with amazing grace delivering us the best solo album of an x-frontman…
Ladies & Gentlemen
The departed voice icon of Heavy Metal

As he appeared on every album mentioned above (a.k.a. Richie Blackmore’s Rainbow 1975, Rising 1976, Long Live Rock N’ Roll 1978, Heaven & Hell 1980, Mob Rules 1981, Holy Diver 1983)

Σαββατιάτικα στα Μπουζούκια?? (Καλοκαίρι ΤΕΡΜΑ!!)

Το έχουμε ξαναπεί, ο Σεπτέμβρης είναι ο χειρότερος μήνας του χρόνου, σημαίνει 6 μήνες κακοκαιρίας και έλλειψης ήλιου (δόξα τον θεό που είμαι στην Κρήτη δηλαδή που ο Ήλιος πεθαίνει πιο αργά σε σχέση με τον υπόλοιπο πολιτισμένο πλανήτη), σημαίνει δουλειά δίχως αφορμή για διακοπές, ή αλλιώς ανεργία, σημαίνει πρώτη μέρα στο σχολείο και για Χ ημέρες ακόμη μέχρι το τελευταίο κουδούνισμα για τα μπάνια του λαού, σημαίνει τα κεφάλια μέσα γιατί καλοκαίρι (το λέει και η λέξη) ΤΕΡΜΑ…
και μιας που πρόκειται και για Σάββατο και ο Έλλην ξεσπαθώνει (αν δεν το έκανε χθες) σήμερα μέρα που είναι…. Τι καλύτερο από τον καλύτερο της πίστας τα τελευταία χρόνια. Κανονικά θα τσακωνόμασταν για το αν είναι αυτός ή ο Σφακιανάκης, αλλά μετά τις χρυσαυγίτιτκες μαλακίες του τελευταίου, επιλέγουμε φανατικά και απόλυτα τον άνθρωπο που λόγω προσανατολισμών είναι ο πλέον ανοικτόμυαλος ερμηνευτής σκυλάδικού τα τελευταία 20 χρόνια… Α και αν ακόμη δεν ξέρετε τον επόμενο headliner μετα τον Πανούση στο επόμενο Pride μάλλον πρέπει να το ξανασκεφτείτε…


(κ τα μυαλά στα κάγκελa)

καμιά 45 αριά hits & ΤΕΡΜΑ

και για εσάς τους σοβαρούς αν κ καλά δεν σας κάνει ο ΜΑΖΩ, έχουμε Manu

and don't forget!!
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Sentenced: Music Suggestion Of The Day 11/09/2015

As we promised yesterday, we conclude this trilogy / reference to metallic melancholia with the best of its kind (according to my personal taste and no other mean of evaluation). Today’s band came from Finland and started off as ferociously thrashy, old school style, temporarily misinterpreting them as another member of the newly born NWoSDM…
their turn from thrash to what I call sad metal (or doom, or gothic, or whatever you like it) made them from “just another thrash band” to the most worthy and most metallic representative of the genre proudly trademarked by UK’s Paradise Lost, Anathema or My Dying Bride
Their album Down is simply the most archetypal example of the genre matched only by Icon or Draconian Times, or Alternative 4, or Turn Loose The Swans…
So ladies & gents,
 may we present to you the underrated but brilliant band that is no more (since 2005) but forever will hold a special place in our darkest moments…
From Thrash to Northern Melancholia
Consisted by the Albums 
Amok, Down, The Cold White Light and Buried Alive Last live 2005


Sun Won't Shine

Πέμπτη 10 Σεπτεμβρίου 2015

My Dying Bride: Music Suggestion Of The Day 10/09/2015

It’s quite easy if u follow up yesterday’s suggestion to come up with this band, surely delivering a more metallic sense to what, I alone, refer to, as melancholic metal. Others may call it doom – no way Jose! –, others post death (ha – ha), others just say «it feels good with chicks», or others just dismiss them by saying that this music is exclusively chick – oriented!! Nevertheless tomorrow I’ll conclude this weird trilogy of melancholic metal with my personal favorite so stay tuned...

Anyways, the more metallic sound of the Dying Bride, seemed to historically reached its peak twice in their career; firstly @ the “swans” period (1993 – 1995) and then the start of the new millennia one (2001 – 2003), releasing 4 recognizable albums which are all there…
So ladies & Gents, without any further a due 

My DyingBride

Catherine Black

Λόγια Δανεικά Vol.15

Δεδομένου ότι τούτο εδώ το αρχείο εξυπηρετεί την καταγραφή και ψηφιακή αποθήκευση ενδιαφέροντων πληροφοριών, που συλλέγω από την περιδιάβαση μου στο διαδίκτυο (καλά μιλάμε απαύγασμα), καλό είναι με το σημερινό μας δάνειο να καταγράψουμε τα πιο ενδιαφέροντα ποσταρίσματα από φιλικά και πάντοτε ενδιαφέροντα blog, όπως το Βαθύ Κοκκινο, το Νόστιμον Ημαρ….

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Anathema: Music Suggestion Of The Day 09/09/2015

Today’s suggestion is trying to match up yesterday’s one (Ha Ha!). One of the greatest / latest UK bands that started off playing intriguing doom/death, when and through constant line - up changes they decided to radically alter their sounds and orientations firstly to gothic and later on, to depressing alternative sounds…

Retro Database: Benny Hill Best Of..

As stated in Wikipedia and its relative article: «The Benny Hill Show is a British comedy television show that starred Benny Hill and aired in various forms between 15 January 1955 and 30 May 1991 in over 140 countries. The show focused on sketches that were full of slapstick, mime, parody, and double-entendre. Thames Television cancelled production of the show in 1989 due to declining ratings and large production costs at £450,000 per show.
The Benny Hill Show features Benny Hill in various short comedy sketches and occasional, extravagant musical performances by artists of the time. Hill appears in many different costumes and portrays a vast array of characters.
Slapstick, burlesque and double entendres are his hallmarks. A group of critics accused the show of sexism, but Hill said that female characters kept their dignity while the men who chase them were portrayed as buffoons.
The show often uses undercranking and sight gags to create what he called "live animation", and he employs techniques like mime and parody. The show typically closes with a sped-up chase scene involving him and often a crew of scantily-clad women (usually with Hill being the one chased, due to silly predicaments that he himself caused), a takeoff on the stereotypical Keystone Kops chase scenes. Hill also composed and sang patter songs and often entertained his audience with lengthy high-speed double-entendre rhymes and songs, which he recited or sang in a single take.

Hill also used the television camera to create comedic illusions. For example, in a murder mystery farce entitled "Murder on the Oregon Express" from 1976 (a parody of Murder on the Orient Express) Hill used editing, camera angles, and impersonations to depict a Quinn Martin–like TV "mystery" featuring Hill in the roles of 1970s American television detectives Ironside, McCloud, Kojak, Cannon and Hercule Poirot.
During his television career, Hill performed impersonations or parodies of such American celebrities as W. C. Fields, Orson Welles (renamed "Orson Buggy"), Kenny Rogers, Marlon Brando, Raymond Burr, and fictional characters that range from The Six Million Dollar Man and Starsky and Hutch to The A-Team and Cagney & Lacey.

He also impersonated such international celebrities as Nana Mouskouri and Miriam Makeba. He also impersonated celebrities from his own country: Hill delivered impersonations of British stars such as Shirley Bassey, Michael Caine (in his Alfie role), newscasters Reginald Bosanquet, Alan Whicker and Cliff Michelmore, pop-music show hosts Jimmy Savile and Tony Blackburn, musician Roger Whittaker, his former 1960s record producer Tony Hatch, political figures Lord Boothby and Denis Healey, and Irish comedian Dave Allen. On a few occasions, he even impersonated his former straight man,  Nicholas Parsons. A spoof of who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? saw him playing both Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor

Enjoy....A kinda best of

Always subtle...


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Amon Amarth: Music Suggestion Of The Day 08/09/2015

Today’s suggestion still endorsed by Chris (x-Sickness) is proud to be tremendous and Swedish… Originally formed under the name "Scum", in 1988, this Swedish based death/Viking metal band has released numerous albums under Metal Blade records and Pulverised records. Amon Amarth's lyrics are greatly based on Norse Mythology and war. They switched their name to Amon Amarth before releasing their first demo and after that they started out to conquer the metallic world…
Ladies & Gents may we present the grand folks form the North a.k.a.

Amon Amarth

Top 3 releases according to rateyourmusic.com as follows:



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Το Σiνεμα Της Γειτονιάς Παρουσιάζει 08/09/2015 Γυναίκες Δηλητήριο

Λίγα Λόγια Για Το Έργο….
Ο Κωνσταντίνος Σεμπέκος είναι ένας επιτυχημένος ψυχίατρος. Ο αδελφός του, ο Αλέξανδρος, επίδοξος νέος σκηνοθέτης αποπειράται να αυτοκτονήσει γιατί η κοπέλα του, η Εβίτα, διατηρεί παράλληλες σχέσεις και με άλλους άνδρες. Ο άψογος Κωνσταντίνος αντιμετωπίζει όλα αυτά τα προβλήματα με τρομερή ψυχραιμία μέχρι που ο συνδυασμός όλων αυτών των προσώπων σε μια τελική αναμέτρηση, όπου ο ένας προσπαθεί να δηλητηριάσει τον άλλον, ξεπερνά το φλεγματικό του χαρακτήρα και ανατρέπει "τα πιστεύω του" μιας ολόκληρης ζωής...

Η σοβαρότερη δουλειά του Ν. Ζερβού ίσως οφείλεται στο γεγονός ότι το σενάριο υπογράφουν οι Χάρης Ρώμας & Αννα Χατζησοφιά, συγγραφείς των υπερεπιτυχημένων μεν, τηλεοπτικών δε κωμικών σαπουνόπερων (υπάρχει άραγε αυτό?). Ή ίσως εξαιτίας του υπέρλαμπρου (& σοβαρού τούτη τη φορά) καστ.

Παρ’ όλα ταύτα ο σκηνοθέτης δηλώνει παρών σε όλη την διάρκεια της ταινίας τσιτώνοντας τους ήδη τσιτωμένους πρωταγωνιστές με μια Βαλέρια Χριστοδουλίδη, που πιο hot & porn πεθαίνεις!!

Η συνέχεια επί της οθόνης….

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Και εγώ τα καλώδια θα έφτιαχνα..!

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Vektor: Music Suggestion Of The Day 07/09/2015

New week new soul still empowered by Chris (x-Sickness) suggestions, offering to us the latest in our favorite noise that we call music…This time from USA the Voivod-like, techno-thrashers provided 3 powerful albums from 2006 to 2011, of technical noisy thrash looking across Europe for inspiration and influences….
So ladies & gents may we present to you


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Tetrastructural Minds

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Beyond Creation: Music Suggestion Of The Day 06/09/2015

It is time to maximize the speedy thrills of this week’s thrashy suggestions!! Today's suggestion is powered by Chris (x-Sickness) so thanx for the note!!For one more time it is appropriate to Blame Canada as we did with Blood Ceremony and Annihilator
So ladies and gents may we present to you the closest thing between Death and Opeth nowadays… and yes they are coming from Canada

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Elevation Path