Σάββατο, 13 Οκτωβρίου 2018

NEW ORDER: Music Suggestion Of The Day 13/10/2018

It’s been a long time indeed; and with darkness descending upon us there is a relative slow or slightly depressed mood around. So what’s better than today’s band? The ominous sighting of winter the Blue Monday track and foremost the continuity to one of the most distinguishing rock figures of 80’s music simply give us the suggestion “ready to use”

Δευτέρα, 8 Οκτωβρίου 2018

Triptykon: Music Suggestion Of The Day 08/10/2018

Having seen a recent activity about an older post (see related links below) I suddenly realized that even though I’m a great fan I haven’t suggested Frost progenies yet!! I always thought that the great Celtic Frost should re-appear as they did with the landmark monotheist release, but with Ain dead who can blame Warrior for picking up the mantle from where monotheist ended?

Τετάρτη, 3 Οκτωβρίου 2018

Aretha Franklin: Music Suggestion Of The Day 03/10/2018

Right after the blondes dominating the endless debate of the sexiest creature on the planet (amongst sexist males I guess) based on hair color and temperament there is a Diva that never depended on her looks to bring out her majestic voice and talents. She never bet on her looks and despite of that she still IS probably amongst the best female singer of her genre and time.

Κυριακή, 30 Σεπτεμβρίου 2018

Rock N Girls Part VI: Revenge of The Blondes

When seeing the dates it feels like I'm on someone's payroll and get anxious from the fact that those girls were ready to dance along, swing along, do whatever a healthy girl would do when hearing fine rock n roll tunes; and I was not ready or able to compile...So, it is time for some drooling action with the likes of Anastasia (Kvitko –the Russian blonde Kardashian) and Antje (Utgaard) dancing along classic rock n roll anthems. I have to say that blondes are coming on, full speed and grace and it looks like that they are finally can take some revenge on their adversaries. The following post (as the previous 5) is restricted (unknown why) to people that are under 18 of legal age and immature of all ages, races and creeds. If anyone isn't a part of these 2 large categories can proceed immediately. All others, SJW's, haters and imbeciles please stay away...

Δευτέρα, 3 Σεπτεμβρίου 2018

Long Distance Calling: Music Suggestion Of The Day 3/9/2018

It is hard to strike back after suggesting Samael, but I guess this won’t matter a bit with today’s one; Another one from the legendary Statler, whose suggestions are often met with exhilaration (e.g. Audrey Horne)

Κυριακή, 2 Σεπτεμβρίου 2018

Retro Database: Muppets Reloaded

Well I know that some of you would expect the follow-up of the girls saga. But having seen what the lawful copyright fighters have done with our original retro post about our beloved Muppets, Kokdi thought that it is time for a reload section compiled with the official videos that surely maintain the frolic charisma of its characters while the originality in all the tunes they revise is both interesting and funny and is always worthwhile watching.

Σάββατο, 1 Σεπτεμβρίου 2018

SAMAEL: Music Suggestion Of The Day 01/09/2018

First of the month…The time that should be in every calendar something like New year’s Day, since summer vacation ended for the vast majority of people, leaving our paradise beaches to the happily retired German, Dutch and UK’ers of this world. We start again and after 2 months of silence, without those sexist girls pestering your sense of politically correctness, without any interesting music (whoever didn’t get the Audrey Horne post must repeat their visit to that link) suggestions; just the lazy breeze of the heated air of the eastern Mediterranean sea…
And there you have it: September; a month to get depressed with..The sun is growing smaller with every second passing and eventually the death of our summer will commence the birth of darkness..So who else suitable than today’s suggestion?

Τα του Κάισαρως, τω Καίσαρι και τα της Θεάς, τη Θεά

Εντάξει Κύρα Σούλα μου. Οι διακοπές τελείωσαν το Παγκόσμιο το πήρε η Γαλλία και είμαστε όλοι έτοιμοι για τον βιασμό που ονομάζεται νέα σεζόν...Επειδή, κάποια στιγμή θα'ρθει και το διαβόητο "punk αλλά", θα παραληρήσω σήμερα για την αρρώστια μου, που την βλέπω να πνίγεται από την πολύ επιτυχία σαν αμαθής μαθές στα δύσκολα. Και επειδή όλα είναι θέμα προσώπων και πράξεων πρέπει να τοποθετηθώ (Σημείωση Σύνταξης στο εξής σ.σ. "χέστηκε η φοράδα στ' αλώνι"). Επειδή όμως παράλληλα υπήρξαν πολλές απειλές περί Subbuteo και η αλήθεια είναι πως δυσκολεύομαι αρκετά να αναπνεύσω υποβρύχια με τσιμεντένιο βαθράκι στα πόδια μου είναι ώρα να θέσουμε τα πράγματα και στην σωστή τους βάση. Ώρα δηλαδή να αποδώσουμε τα του Καίσαρος τω Καίσαρι και τα αντίστοιχα στη Θεά…